About Me

About Me

I have been married for 15 years. I have two kids, a son in third grade and a daughter who is three. I have two dogs, a mixed breed dog named Baylee and a golden retriever named Chance. 

Over the summer of 2014 we moved to Louisiana after spending our entire lives in Texas. We spent the last 15 years living in the hustle and bustle of Houston and suburbia, but now we live in a small community and wake to the sound of ducks quacking or geese honking overhead. It has been a change for us, but we are all learning to adjust.

Every year I make a short animoto video to help the kids get to know me as a person. Here's the video from last year. I'll upload the video for next school year at the end of the summer.


I have been teaching for thirteen years now. I have experience teaching first, third, and fourth grades. I taught first grade for eight years and then got bumped to a new campus. I taught third grade for four years there (two self contained, two language arts only), and now I am teaching fourth grade math and science. I'm not the type of person who could teach one grade level for 30 years, so I am happy for the change of scenery. I enjoy learning new curriculum and seeing how the kids grow and change at each age.

I love a good story and enjoy teaching reading. It is my happy place. I collect picture books and my teaching partner last year called my classroom library Barnes and Noble! I loved introducing kids to stories and characters...those characters became mentors for us as we made our way through the year and the third grade curriculum. I am fortunate enough to have enough storage room in my house to set up my classroom library on shelves,  I am embarrassed to admit it that I sometimes go up to my attic just to visit my books. (Isn't that crazy?)

This year I am teaching math and science. It's been a transition. I've changed grade levels before and I know the first year you just have to survive and learn the curriculum before you can make it your own. I'm excited to develop my math teaching skills to complement my literacy teaching skills.

I try to focus on one area for professional growth each year. I firmly believe you can't be stagnant in our profession. Things change and you've got to grow and change too in order to be successful. Right now my interests are:

  • Math Notebooks - I'd love to see a sample of a good meaningful math notebook. I felt like I was just getting a handle on a good readers notebook and writers notebook, but now I'm starting at square one for math notebooks. I'll post my thoughts on it as we go along.
  • Student Engagement - Math is often taught in lecture format. I'm looking for some ways to teach in a style that is less teacher centered and instead is more student centered.
  • Explaining Thinking - Our state gives students the PARCC assessment. One of the elements that we've got to work on with our kids is truly getting them to explain how they know their answer is correct. My focus next year is on explaining and evaluating the work of other students.


food: Mexican food. My weakness! What I wouldn't give for some enchiladas from Pappasito's or Gringo's right now! 

drink: Coca-cola or anything on ice from Sonic

place to shop: Target or Amazon

website: Pinterest!

place to visit: Walt Disney World

piece of jewelry to wear: my charm bracelet from junior high...it's now full and I'm working on filling up bracelet number two

color: depends on the day of the week, but generally purple, blue, green, or pink

splurge: Vera Bradley or Southwest

fast food: Chick Fil A, Sonic, Raising Cane's

feeling: relaxing on my back porch to the sound of the ducks and bullfrogs

sound: Colton's laugh

way to spend my time: being a mommy

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