Wednesday, April 8, 2015


If you haven't visited VistaPrint yet, let me encourage you to do so! I love personalized things and VistaPrint allows you to customize items such as business cards, post cards, and note cards. They have templates you can customize or you can upload your own. I can spend hours there making up things!

Another thing I love is sending and receiving real mail, not just email. There's something special when you think that a person sat down and gave five or ten minutes of their time to write a note and mail it. I usually send postcards each year to welcome students to my class and I always write them by hand just because I think it is more meaningful and special to the student. (I usually started writing them one or two at a time in June, so by the time the start of school rolled around in August, all I had to do was add the student's name and address.) Another thing I send to students is a Good News card. If I notice a student doing something worthy of praise, sometimes I choose to jot it down on a postcard to send it home. This is a great way to build parent - school relations and the kids always enjoy getting a card in the mail.

Here's what I ordered from VistaPrint today:

Good News Postcards

Welcome to my class! Postcards

No Homework Pass - This is made from a business card template.

Hard Work Club / Free Bonus Points Card - Another made from a business card template.

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