Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Planning Ahead

I'm a planner. There. I've said it. I plan ahead and I make lists like nobody's business. I write things down on my to-do list just so I can get the satisfaction of checking them off! It makes me feel like I've accomplished something (and that's good on days when I don't feel like accomplished a lot at school).

And I must admit that now, even as we are in the midst of a school year with about six more weeks to go, I am already planning for the next school year. Who doesn't plan ahead? I started planning for next year on the first day of school this year...."Wow, that lesson went well! I should do that again next year!" or "Yikes, that activity tanked. Don't repeat that one."

Anyway, I LOVE me some composition notebooks. I buy these in bulk at the start of school and stash them away. I use these to jot notes in during faculty meetings or team meetings, or just to record my thoughts or ideas. I just recently (literally thirty minutes ago) broke out a notebook to use for planning 2015-2016.

I don't like plain black and white marble covers. I like to cover them with scrapbook paper and then customize the cover for whatever purpose the notebook is being used for and then laminate the low cost way (in other words, I cover it with clear packing tape!). Here's my guide to covering a composition notebook cover at Cafe1123.

I'm using handy-dandy Post-It tabs to divide the notebook into three sections:

1. Classroom Climate - Somehow in the jump between teaching third and fourth I didn't realize that the kids still need a LOT of social teaching and reinforcing. I'm looking for ideas on prosocial behaviors, behavior management, and classroom management (in other words, I'll be cruising pinterest a lot!). This is the section of the notebook that I'll jot down those types of ideas in.

2. Content - I'm also looking for new and fresh ideas for teaching math and science topics. This is where I will jot those down.

3. To-Do - Can't go without a section for my to-do list! This is where I'll have my running to do lists, but I'm not going to mark off many pages for this section.

I find it handy to always have a notebook nearby. You never know when a great idea is going to hit and you want to jot it down before you forget!

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