Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Geometry Charts

I love making anchor charts. As a literacy teacher I made charts all. the. time. My all time favorite one was a cause and effect chart I made with the Titanic on it. Kids love the Titanic and boy did they pay attention to that one! I drew a ship cruising into a floating piece of ice for the cause, and then I drew the bottom of the ship poking out of the water for the effect. The kids loved it!

This year I've been so busy trying to learn the lay of the land in math that I haven't had time to make charts, so my room has been pretty bare. (That's sad...but I'll do better next go round for sure!) Anyway, we are right in the middle of a unit on angles...we've been measuring angles, classifying angles, naming angles, sorting angles, and so on. Here are a few charts I've made about angles. I'll try to keep up with photographing the charts as I make more.

Tip: I do laminate my charts and reuse them from year to year. When not in use, I roll them up and store them in clorox wipe containers or pringles cans by unit. So when I taught reading, all my cause and effect charts were in a can together, all my context clues charts were in a different can together, and so on. This made it easy to sort them and easy to find.

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